Business Italian (from B1 to C2)


1 Italian Lesson 60 minutes

✔️ Native Italian teacher

✔️ Individual lesson

✔️ Customized

✔️ Lesson summary with progress and mistakes

✔️ Material Included

✔️ Minimum level required: B1

✔️ The lesson can be canceled 24 hours before time begins


Our business Italian lesson online helps you to develop the language needed to communicate effectively in the company. The course is designed to give you confidence both in business and professional conditions.

This lesson is designed to communicate effectively in Italian in professional contexts. You will expand your Italian vocabulary, improve your ability to speak and write in Italian in both social and professional interactions. You will learn the terminology and skills that you can apply to telephone conversations, business negotiations, written reports and emails, and professional presentations.


👉 Overview: 5  lessons recommended learning

👉 Only for B-C levels (Intermediate/Advanced level).

👉 You can ask to cancel the lesson only 24 hours before the lesson time begins. If you don’t respect that time unfortunately the lesson will be charged.




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