Italian for Expats (from A to C)


1 Italian Lesson 60 minutes

✔️ Native Italian teacher

✔️ Individual lesson

✔️ Customized

✔️ Lesson summary with progress and mistakes

✔️ Material Included

✔️ The lesson can be canceled 24 hours before time begins


Want to learn Italian for daily living in Italy?

Living in Italy and not knowing the language can make things frustrating and communication is important.

Learning Italian can be difficult for some people and so we have created a series of easy Italian lessons to help you to communicate while shopping, asking for information in a public office, booking a hotel room, or making reservations at a restaurant.


✅ Beginners – Will work on building vocabulary and some grammar. It’s best to learn vocabulary and less grammar in this stage.

✅ Intermediate/Advanced – Some grammar, some conversation, and error correction.

✅ Advanced/Conversation – Speaking & reading & listening – learning how to speak more freely and naturally.Want to learn Italian for daily living in Italy?


👉 Overview: 5  lessons recommended learning

👉 This 60-minute lesson is suitable for students from A to C level

👉 You can ask to cancel the lesson only 24 hours before the lesson time begins. If you don’t respect that time unfortunately I had to charge the lesson.




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