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Hi! I am Martina, the founder and the CEO of  Italian Lesson Online School.  I have been teaching Italian for over two years online and in Bologna, the town where I live with Alberto and my little son Matteo.

I’m a native Italian speaker. I got my degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Pisa and a Cedils Certification that allows me to teach Italian efficiently.


ILO is an Italian online school for adult students who want to learn Italian by studying at their home. Our motto is: learn Italian where and whenever you want!

Our virtual school program provides students the freedom of learning through advanced digital tools and personalized learning resources in line with their needs and the Italian level.
We offer a variety of Italian online courses designed on an individual basis for each student from zero to C2 level. Our teachers facilitate learners to speak Italian with confidence, easily, and without stress.


Do you like to speak better Italian for these reasons?


✔️ to have more career options

✔️ to speak the language of your parents who are immigrants

✔️ to understand the radio and to watch movies

✔️ to communicate without stress with Italians during your trips.

You’re in the right place!


We want your Italian to be awesome. We want to see you open your mouth and speak with confidence. We want you to be proud of your achievements. The goal of our work is to help you obtain results.

We offer many Italian online classes

👩‍💻 individual approach
💯 quality teaching
🖍challenging exercises

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